Terms Of Service
About Rotate4URL

Rotate4URL is a PTP (Paid To Promote) system where you make money just by sharing your unique link! We also have the option of Surf ADS, A PTC (Paid to Click) system integrated with our site!

PTP System Rules

• You are free to advertise your PTP link on the following site types: PTC/PTP sites, Manual traffic exchange programs, Revshare programs, Grid/Prize advertising programs, Social networks, etc...

• The use of the following types of websites is strictly prohibited: Autosurf programs, Pop-Under ads, No referrer / direct visits, Fake referrer, Non-traceable, Hidden iframes, Visits through proxies/VPN...

• Visits with less than 5 seconds will not be counted as valid for your PTP link!

• Only 6 visits will be counted on the same IP, more visits with the same IP will not be counted as a valid visit!

Surf ADS Rules

• You can earn more money by visiting our ads on the Surf ADS page!

• Users must view the advertisements for at least 5 seconds. We have an integrated automatic anti-bot system to prevent fraud...

• You must have Javascript enabled and Cookies must be accepted by the browser.

• Any browser add-ons or software with the purpose of blocking ads, scripts or trackers must be disabled.

• Link surfing must be performed on a PC, Laptop or Tablet. Mobile phones are not allowed.

• You can only see links once every 24 hours!